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We absolutely loved having Stabby & Jason as our wedding photographers. They're easily the best choice we could've made. We knew we wanted to invest in high quality and they delivered. Aside from the photos away from everyone else where we were being more directed by Stabby and given more "posed" style photos they simply fade into the background meaning you get the best candid shots, spend time with those you love on an incredibly important day and they capture it all with the stealth of ninjas. Watching some of the footage back I found myself saying "I didn't realise they were there!" which is what you want from your wedding photographers. A great pair, so friendly and easy to get on with.

Lala    Chris

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London Wedding Photographer reviews

Everything you would ever want and need as photographers/videographers for your wedding! We are so blown away by how friendly they are, their professionalism and their creativity. The photos and videos are incredible! They blended in seamlessly into the background of the day and were never intrusive, but they were always in the right place at the right time. We have had so many compliments about their work and their overall persona. Stabby and Jason was super enjoyable to have at our wedding and captured every beautiful moment we had 💕

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We just received our wedding videography package (montage, feature film, and speeches), and we are literally speechless. The most superbly filmed, edited, and composed wedding film I have ever seen. We will treasure this for the rest of our lives.

We had a combined Indian/Aussie wedding with a Hindu ceremony and they perfectly captured every important and symbolic moment, as well as the overall fun vibe and essence of the day. It also feels like every single one of our family and friends make an appearance in the video, which I have no idea how they managed that so well.

For anyone hesitating about getting videography for your wedding - please, just do it. I wasn’t convinced (wanted to save some money, thought the photos would be enough) but my partner talked me around and I am SO glad he did. The Heartistic crew were an absolute delight on our wedding day, and like I said their output and product is just absolutely excellent. Not only that but they were very patient and flexible with me during the booking process, very communicative and kind and friendly. 10/10 recommend - you won’t regret it!

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