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  • What do you cover on the day?
    The hours of coverage depend on your package, but fear not - you can sprinkle extra hours like confetti. Psst, the Asterix in our packages means we've got your back bright and early, but just for one partner. Want coverage of both partners getting ready? Just add that morning magic to your package! If your package includes getting ready, we'll pop by for an hour to catch those final details. We’ll also cover the ceremony decor and pre-ceremony feels. There will be a formal family portrait session. (15 - 30 minutes depending on the size of your clan) We’ll do a quick formal portrait session with the both of you, you'll get your individual portraits even if you don’t have morning coverage. And of course, we'll corral your full wedding party (all the bridesmaids and groomsmen) for a quick snap sesh! (10 minutes) Lastly, we’ll whisk you away for a quick couple photo session (15-30min) - Don’t fret, we know not everyone enjoys the paparazzi treatment. We'll make it fun and quick - we've been eliminating camera awkwardness since 2013.
  • How does it work if I book both photo and video?
    When you snag both photo and video services with us, you're in for a treat! Smooth sailing from planning to your big day, resulting in a flawless masterpiece. And hey, who doesn't like a sweet deal bundle? A total win-win! When we dove into the world of combo packages, the thought of missing out on capturing a key moment sent shivers down our spines - The worry of both focusing on snapping the first kiss and neither of us getting it on video. But fear not! We hatched a master plan to ensure no memory slipped through the cracks. While we both shoot photo and video, I take the lead in photography, capturing all the key moments before switching to filming. Jason, is the lead videographer and ensures every key moment is recorded, while sneaking in some photos along the way. Since 2016, we've been rocking combo packages and nailing our shots.
  • How many people will be at my wedding?
    It's just the two of us. With both of us skilled in photography and videography, we bring a dynamic edge by capturing all the action from two different perspectives.
  • Are the photos edited?
    Edited, yes. Retouched, no. All images are edited, in terms of colour, exposure, and framing to ensure the gallery has a consistent look throughout. We do not retouch/airbrush skin and imperfections in photoshop.
  • What is your photography style?
    We're all about catching those candid, unfiltered moments, freezing the pure joy and unexpected giggles of the day as they unfold naturally. Our images are vibrant, full of energy and capture the genuine emotions of couples and guests. With a focus on creating a laid-back vibe, resulting in fun and authentic photos that truly reflect the essence of your wedding day. Real love, real moments. That's our vibe.
  • What is your film style?
    Your wedding doesn’t have to be stressful or awkward nor should it be. It should be a love-drenched, laughter-filled celebration with maybe a few tears but most importantly it should be unapologetically you. We simply capture the heart in motion. We create beautiful and cinematic documentary wedding videos with authentic and candid footage. Real love, real moments. We're not chasing trends or trying too hard to be hip; our focus is on crafting timeless films by stealthily capturing the magic and feels as they happen. We're all about telling your wedding day story with simplicity, creativity, and a whole lot of heart. Home of super cool wedding films and photos - Absolutely no bullsh*t. Unless cheese is being paired with fine wine, sprinkled on pizza, or in the form of dance moves, it won't feature at your wedding.
  • Tell me about the full ceremony film and full speeches film?
    We offer full coverage of your ceremony and speeches. ​ Simplified coverage, from stationary cameras. ​ Your full ceremony/speeches from beginning to end in one film. ​ The Full Ceremony Film can be added to your package for £200 ​ *The Full Speeches Film is included in our standard package.
  • Is a wedding film for me?
    Being able to witness a moment or action in real time - the emotion unfolding on your partner's face, the swirls of your first dance. Watching the process of emotion - these instances may have a peak emotional moment, but really, all these instances involve a range of emotions - from ramping up to recovery. Video allows you as a viewer can experience the entire journey of the emotional moment. These actions can be captured in photographs, but the fluidity of the moment, the reactions, and emotions - it is very difficult to capture all of that in an image. With video, however, you can experience the moment as though you were there, with all its little nuances. Video captures all those quirky mannerisms that make us who we are. From the way we tilt our heads to our hand gestures, shy smiles, and hair twirls - it's all part of the magic that a still snapshot just can't catch, it may capture broader actions, but those teeny tiny expressions are something that can only really be caught when you are continuously filming someone. Audio is where video really excels in transporting us back to a memory. Hearing the voices of people, we may not have seen for years, the ambient sounds of the environment that trigger our sense memory of that place. Hearing the voice of a child who is now grown. Sound takes the nostalgia to the next level. Finally, we couldn’t talk about video, particularly editing video without discussing narrative. By choosing how to arrange the video clips in a particular order, the filmmaker takes the viewer on a journey. Photographs are wonderful to look at, but video is a moving, transportive experience.
  • How do I book your for my wedding?
    We require a 25% deposit and you can seal the deal with a signed contract to secure your spot on the calendar! Just give me a shout with your package pick, and I'll send the paperwork your way. Oh, and if you've got more questions, I'm all ears for a chatty call!
  • How many cameras do you use?
    We use 4 cameras as standard on all of our videos to ensure a good range of coverage. I always have two cameras on me and Jason has one on a gimbal for all the smooth sweeping shots. The fourth camera which we set up on a tripod for the full speeches and ceremony film. Jason is also our Maverick when it comes to getting aerial footage
  • Can we have photos during "Golden Hour"?
    The ‘golden hour’ is that magic time of the day shortly after sunrise or before sunset, during which daylight is warmer and softer than when the sun is higher in the sky. This provides an opportunity to get some beautiful photos in a very flattering light. I can let you know when the golden hour will be on your wedding day so that we can plan some gorgeous photos of the two of you at that time into your wedding day timeline. Of course, living in England, we have to accept that there’s no guarantee of great weather and hence a Golden Hour, or you could be getting married in December, so it’s important that we’ve also planned an alternative time on your day to get some photos of just the two of you
  • How long will it take to receive my photos/videos?
    You'll receive a sneak peak in 48 - 36 hours. Your montage video will be out within 7 - 10 days. Our turn over time for the full product is 6 - 12 weeks depending on the season.
  • Do you take pictures or capture memories?
    Well, we like to think of ourselves as a memory sorcerers, freezing moments in time with my camera wand!"
  • Who is your favourite friends character?
    Without a doubt, Miss Chanandler Bong.
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