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We're Jason (Fox) and Stabby (Gazelle), storytellers/filmmakers/photographers. A husband and wife team with two mini humans, Layla and Charlie, and our fur child, Robin. Our favourite things are family snuggles, good coffee, tasty food, and binge-watching Friends.

In 2013 we started our little wedding business - and called ourselves Heartistic. Fast forward to the wild ride of 2022, relocating from South Africa to England. Amidst this whirlwind journey and a total life reboot, we felt the winds of change nudging us towards a brand revamp.

As a nod to our roots Jason, the Brit (by technicality), takes the title of the crafty fox while I, the South African, gracefully strut as the majestic gazelle. We use our stealth animal-like skills to unobtrusively (but not in a creepy lurking-in-the-corner kind of way) capture weddings for the wildly in love. 

We've clocked more than 2800 hours capturing love-filled moments at weddings. The air crackles with love, it's hard not to stay positively charged.


Oh, and if you fancy a little tale-telling, you can get to know us a bit better by checking out our story >>> 

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For the past ten years we've been documenting all kinds of love stories, and still absolutely love being a part of the excitement and emotion.


That's the thing about real love, it's exciting.

Our job has afforded us the most incredible life - worldwide adventures and weekdays home with our kids.

And oh, the joy of witnessing tiny tots blossom - it's pure magic to see the adorable offspring of our lovebirds.

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In 2012, we emerged from the academic jungle as wizards of video with our Bachelor of Technology degrees in Film Production. We skipped our graduation ceremony, missing out on the iconic cap-and-gown photos, much to our moms' disappointment!

We shoot with the Sony A7iii and Sony A7Siii. We love their ultra low light sensitivity allowing us to remain unobtrusive.​ I always say that there is no such thing as bad weather, just the weather and your attitude but unfortunately our drone does not agree. We attempt to launch it into the skies, but thanks to the unpredictable British weather, we can't promise a smooth takeoff every time!

Through the years we've refined our gear to not only boost our creative mojo but also to keep things sleek at your wedding. This way, we can ninja our way around, without lugging around a clunky setup.​

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